The founder of AKDAŞ, Ömer AKDAŞ, hailing from Huğlu, was a master of his time who had learned all the intricacies of manufacturing and repairing single-barrel hunting rifles. In 1948, he established his own rifle workshop.

Ömer AKDAŞ, who gained acclaim for his craftsmanship and was known and respected by Turkish hunters during his era, played a significant role in raising the quality standards in the industry. He was the headmaster of the team that produced the first Turkish-made double-barrel shotgun. Progressing slowly in challenging and technologically limited conditions, he made significant contributions to the gunsmithing industry, especially for smoothbore hunting rifles, in Turkey.

In 1975, with the involvement of his son Sadık AKDAŞ, the existing workshop was expanded. In 1986, with the participation of his son Selim AKDAŞ, the workshop transitioned to modern industrial-scale production, and the machinery park was enlarged. Alongside shotgun production, the company also started manufacturing spare parts for industries such as defense and textile. AKDAŞ has worked with globally renowned shotgun manufacturers to prove its reliability on the international stage time and again.

In 2018, by putting in considerable effort, AKDAŞ made significant progress in the Defense Industry sector it ventured into, successfully providing the “40mm Underbarrel Grenade Launcher” to the Turkish Armed Forces after passing the “Enhanced Qualification Tests.”

In the subsequent years, with original design projects like 9mm submachine guns, 5.56mm machine pistols, various calibers and types of grenade launchers, and gas launchers, AKDAŞ expanded its product range. It takes pride in advancing steadily.

In order to further advance in both hunting/target shotguns and defense industry, AKDAŞ adopted a sibling company structure in 2021 as Akdaş Outdoor and Akdaş Silah.

Akdaş Outdoor is diligently working to blend the heritage of the past with modern technology to bring Turkish hunters/target shooters quality and introduce foreign hunters/target shooters to the quality of Turkish-made shotguns.

Akdaş Silah, on the other hand, continues to make significant progress in the defense industry, developing new domestic and national products in a short time, continuing to win the approval of both the Turkish Ministry of National Defense and foreign customers.

With their experience spanning over half a century, there is no doubt that the AKDAŞ family has overcome all of these challenges.


Akdaş Silah A.Ş.