AK-40GL Grenade Launcher

AKDAŞ AK-40GL 40 mm Grenade Launcher

             AK-40GL is a unique 40 mm grenade launcher that has been designed and manufactured to be used with the new generation and current infantry rifles comprising a rail under barrel, which are available in stock of the Turkish Military Forces. Light and ergonomic structure for ease of use and transport, the design for right and left-hand use (ambidextrous loading/unloading) makes it remarkable.


  • • Light and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport
    • Unique design for right- and left-hand use (safety latch and double-sided loading)
    • In addition to the utilization by attaching to an infantry rifle, capability of using as a standalone grenade launcher gun comprising a telescopic stock
    • Double-sided indicator that shows whether the grenade launcher is loaded or unloaded
    • Mechanical sight system with night firing capacity and ability to be assembled on both sides
    • High wear resistant, hard chrome coated barrel with mid carbon alloy that provides long barrel life span Picatinny rails on top and sides that allow additional equipment
    • Taking aim/ranging is easier thanks to the angle-adjustable telescopic stock system (optional for AK-40GL)


  •  Barrel Assembly
  •  LowerReceiver Assembly
  •  UpperReceiver Assembly
  •  Stock Assembly
  •  Sight Assembly

Technical Specifications

  • Operation
    Barrel moves forward when the buttons located on both sides of the barrel are depressed simultaneously and the gun is loaded manually by opening the action to the right or left side optionally.
  • Caliber
    40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    254 mm (10'') SAE4140 Steel
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Open)
    685 mm (27'')
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Closed)
    610 mm (24'')
  • Total Length Attached tok MPT-76 Rifle
    337 mm (13.25'')
  • Heigth (With Stock Grip / Under Barrel)
    190 mm (7.5'') / 115 mm (4.5'')
  • Width
    60 mm (2.36'') - 80 mm (3.15'') with Man. Sigth
  • Weight (Standalone - Empty)
    2510 gr
  • Weight (Attached to MPT-76 Riffle - Empty)
    1470 gr
  • Sight System
    100-400 m (with 100 m intervals)
  • Shooting Mode
    Single shot (Both Side Loading)
  • Trigger
    Single Action
  • Shooting Velocity
    5-6 Rounds / Minute
  • Muzzle Velocity
    Minimum 75 m/s (±5m/s)
  • Effective Range
    400 m / 375 m
  • Trigger Pull Force
    25-35 Newton
  • Cocking Force
    150 - 200 Newton
  • Barrel Profile
    SAE4140 Steel, 5 Groves RH twist 1/48''
  • Barrel Life Span
    5000 Rounds
  • Shooting Pattern
    Into 10m Diameter at 200m
  • Nato Stock Number
    40x46 mm New and Old Generation Low Velocity (LV) Ammunition of Any Type and 37/38-40 mm Less Lethal Projectile