AK-40GLX Grenade Launcher


Infinite trigger system

Easier aiming thanks to the telescopic stock system with angle adjustment

30 grams lighter for individual use



AK-40GLX is an indigenous and national 40 mm caliber grenade launcher with a unique design, infinite trigger system and angle adjustment, developed to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces for use in new generation infantry rifles and other infantry rifles in their inventory with Picatinny rail under the barrel. In addition to its lightweight and ergonomic structure that provides ease of use and transportation, it stands out with its unique design for left and right use (safety catch and the ability to load from both sides).

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber
    40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    254 mm (10'')
  • Total Length standalone (telescopic stock open)
    685 mm (27'')
  • Total Length standalone (telescopic stock closed)
    610 mm (24'')
  • Total Length attached to mpt-76 rifle
    337 mm (13.25'')
  • Weight (standalone-empty)
    2510 gr
  • Weight (atteached to mpt-76 rifle-empty)
    1470 gr
  • Sight system
    100-400 m (100 m intervals)
  • Shooting mode
    Single shot(both side loading & positioning wedge)
  • Trigger
    Double Action
  • Shooting velocity
    5-6 rounds / minute
  • Muzzle velocity
    Minimum 76 m/s (±5m/s)
  • Effective Range
    max. 400 m
  • Trigger Pull Force
    25 - 35 Newton
  • Coking Force
    150 - 200 Newton
  • Barrel life span
    5000 rounds
  • Shooting pattern
    Into 10 m diameter at 200 m
  • Type Of Ammunition
    40x46 mm new and old generation low velocity (LV) ammunition of any type