AK-40MGL Grenade Launcher



Designed by Akdaş Silah to meet the 6-shot Grenade Launcher requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. It is lightweight, ergonomic and practical to use. The shoulder-fired AK-40 MGL Grenade Launcher can be fired with all existing Low Velocity LV 40×46 mm and Medium Velocity MV 40×51 mm ammunition types (fog, illumination, gas, demolition, thermobaric, training). The rotation of the 6-piece drum, which rotates with the push of the spring, takes its rotation motion mechanically. Thanks to the specially designed digital sighting system, the MV can fire accurately up to a distance of 800 m using medium speed 40×51 mm ammunition. It is a new generation Drum Grenade Launcher weapon that can be positioned in two different positions and can be easily aimed and fired with its telescopic stock.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic for ease of use and transportation
  • Chrome-plated steel barrel with high abrasion resistance
  • 2 telescopic stocks that can be positioned in different positions for easy aiming and shooting
  • Special mechanism that allows the next ammunition to be fired even if the defective ammunition does not fire thanks to the mechanically driven drum
  • The picatinny rails on the top and bottom of the barrel allow the attachment and use of additional equipment.
  • Accurate shooting with the specially designed AK-SIGHT digital sight

Technical Specifications

  • Barrel Length
    203 mm (8")
  • Drum Length
    141 mm (5.5")
  • Operation
    Gas Operated System
  • Sight System
    Mechanics and Digital
  • Height
    210 mm (8.2")
  • Weight
    156 mm (6")
  • Effective Range
    800 m with medium velocity MV ammunition and 400m with low velocity LV ammunition
  • Caliber
    40 mm
  • Barrel Material
    4140 Crack-Controlled Alloy Steel
  • Receiver Material
    7075 Alloy Aluminium
  • Stock System
    5-stage telescopic stock that can be positioned in 2 different positions (-10, +25 degrees)
  • Shooting Pattern
    Into 10 m diameter at 200 m
  • Muzzle Velocity
    76m/s with LV ammunition and,
    100m/s with MV ammunition
  • Trigger System
    Double-action Trigger