AK-40MGL Grenade Launcher


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for ease of use and transportation
  • Two-way safety latch
  • Angled stock for faster aiming.
  • Digital and mechanical sighting system for faster aiming and more accurate shooting.
  • Medium carbon alloy, high abrasion resistant hard chrome plated barrel for long barrel life, Picatinny rail system for mounting additional equipment on top.
  • Gas recoil and manual operation system


  1. Barrel Assembly
  2. Lower Receiver Assembly
  3. Upper Receiver Assembly
  4. Stock Assembly
  5. Sight Assembly



Technical Specifications

  • Operation
    Double action trigger, which is loaded by breaking from the back of the drum, with 6 ammunition chambers, and semi-automatically operating with gas pressure, which is established by manually turning the drum.
    The mainspring located in the middle body of the drum is installed by turning it counterclockwise. After the ammunition is loaded, the trigger group and butt assembly are closed and ready to fire. After firing, it works by opening the lock with the upward movement of the interconnected lock and gas piston, turning the drum to the right and catching the next ammunition in the firing position.
  • Calibre
    40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    203 mm (8")
  • Drum Cylinder Length
    141 mm (5.5")
  • Total Lenght(Stock Extended)
    823 mm (32,4")
  • Total Lenght(Stock Collapsed)
    750 mm (29,5")
  • Total Lenght(Witout Stock)
    490 mm (19,2")
  • Weight (without - with stock)(empty)
    5460-5750 gr
  • Dimension of launcher
    U:823mm max Y:300mm E:172 mm
  • Mode of Fire
    Semi- automatic and manual cycling
  • Sight System
    Mechanics and Digital
  • Shooting mode
    Revolver Gas Operating Semi Auto
  • Muzzle Velocity
    LV 75 m/s & MV 100 m/S (±5m/s)
  • Ammunition Feeding
    Rotating cylindrical drum
  • Effective Range (max)
    LV grenades 400 m / MV grenades 800 m
  • Trigger pull FORCE
    4.5 - 6 Kg (45 - 60 Newton)
  • Trigger
    Double-action Trigger
  • Barrel life span
    5000 rounds
  • Barrel Profile
    6 Groves RH
  • Shooting Pattern
    Into 10 m diameter at 200 m
    40x46 mm Low Velocity (LV) & 40/51 mm Medium Velocity (MV) less than 140 mm