AK-37FGL Launcher

It is forbidden to shoot HE ammunition and more of the same with AK-37 RL, these models are designed only to be used with gas cartridges.


  • Light and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport
  • Hard wear resistant, hard chrome coated barrel with mid carbon alloy that provides a long barrel life span
  • Ambidextrous safety slide
  • Quick load in gun loading both for right- or left-handed users
  • Being ready to fire thanks to the double-action trigger system
  • Sling can be attached receiver
  • Design that protects shooters from the gas emerging after firing the gun


Assembly Groups

  1. Barrel Assembly
  2. Receiver Assembly


Technical Specifications

  • Operation
    Release lever on the top of the receiver is depressed and barrel breaks open, and barrel is closed manually after loading/unloading. This gun has double-action trigger system that cocks the action automatically as the trigger is pulled. Safety is disengaged by sliding it down making the gun ready to fire
  • Caliber
    37/38 mm
  • Barrel Length
    127.2 mm (5'')
  • Barrel Type
    Smooth Barrel
  • Total Length
    305 mm (12")
  • Total Heigth
    167.5 mm (6.6")
  • Width Max.
    58 mm (2.3")
  • Weight (Unloaded)
    1000 gr
  • Action
    Single Break Action
  • Trigger System
    Double-Action Trigger
  • Safety
    Ambidextrous Slide Safety
  • Shooting Mode
    Single Shot
  • Effective Range
    max. 100 m
  • Trigger Pull Force
    45 Newton
  • Stock
    None only Pistol Grip
  • Shooting Velocity
    5-6 Rounds / Minute
  • Barrel And Receiver Material
    Barrel 4140 Steel, Receiver 7075 Aluminum
  • Type Of Ammunition
    37/38 mm Gas Cartridges
  • Sling
    NATO QD Tactical