AK-37UBFL Launcher


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport
  • Unique design for right- and left-handed operation (safety latch and double-sided loading)
  • Possibility to be used as a Gas Launcher rifle with telescopic stock as well as being mounted on an infantry rifle
  • Double-sided indicator showing whether the gas cartridge launcher rifle is loaded or unloaded, Mechanical sighting system that allows night shooting and can be mounted on both sides, Medium carbon alloy, high abrasion resistant hard chrome plated barrel that provides long barrel life, Ability to mount additional equipment on top and sides thanks to Picatinny rail system


  1. Barrel Assembly
  2. Lower Receiver Assembly
  3. Upper Receiver Assembly
  4. Stock Assembly
  5. Sight Assembly

Technical Specifications

  • Operating System
    When the buttons on both sides of the barrel are pressed at the same time, the barrel automatically moves forwards and the mechanism can be opened to the right or left and loaded manually. This weapon has a double-action trigger system that automatically initiates the action when the trigger is pulled
  • Caliber
    37mm / 40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    190 mm (7.5")
  • Total Lenght (Stock Opened)
    620 mm (24,4")
  • Total Lenght (Stock Closed)
    545 mm (21,5")
  • Total Lenght MPT-76(Infatry Rifle) Mounted
    270 mm (10,5")
  • Weight (Stand Alone-Unloaded-With Stock)
    2700 gr
  • Weight (MPT-76 Mounted-Unloaded-Without Stock)
    1725 gr
  • Sight System
    100-400 m
  • Fire Mode
    Single Shot
  • Fire Velocity
    5-6 Rounds / Minute
  • Muzzle Velocity
    Minimum 76 m/s (±5m/s)
  • Effective Range
    100 m
  • Trigger pull force
    30-60 Newton
  • Trigger
    Double Action
  • Lock Force
    60-100 Newton
  • Barrel Life Span
    5000 rounds
  • Shooting Pattern
    130 m - 10 m Inside Radius Circle
  • Type Of Ammunition
    40mm Lighting and Gas cartridges