AK-37UBFL Launcher


  • It provides ease of use and portability due to its lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • It features a unique design for both right and left-handed use, including a safety lever and double-sided loading.
  • In addition to being mounted on an infantry rifle, it can also be used as a standalone gas gun.
  • It comes with a launcher pistol that includes a telescopic stock.
  • It has a double-sided indicator to show whether the gas launcher is loaded or empty.
  • It has a mechanical sight and the capacity for night firing, which can be mounted on both sides.
  • The barrel is made of a medium-carbon alloy with a hard chrome coating, providing high resistance to wear and a long barrel life.
  • It includes Picatinny rails on the top and sides, allowing for additional equipment to be attached

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber
    7/38mm - 40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    7.5" (190 mm) or 10" (254 mm)
  • Total Length standalone (telescopic stock open)
    24.5" (622 mm) or 27" (685 mm)
  • Total Length standalone (telescopic stock closed)
    21.5" (546 mm) or 24" (610 mm)
  • Total Length without stock
    275 mm (10.8") or 390 mm (13")
  • Weight (standalone-empty)
    max. 2510 gr
  • Weight (attached to rifle-empty)
    max. 1500 gr
  • Sight system
    50-150 m (25 m Intervals)
  • Shooting mode
    Single Shot
  • Shooting velocity
    5-6 rounds/minute
  • Effective range
    50-150 m
  • Trigger pull force
    25-35 Newton
  • Coking force
    150-200 Newton
  • Barrel life span
    5000 rounds
  • Shooting pattern
    Into 10m diameter at 130 m
  • Type Of Ammunition
    37/38 mm Flare & Gas Cartridges