AK-40RFL Launcher

It is forbidden to shoot HE ammunition and more of the same with AK-37RL/AK-40RFL as these models are designed only to be used with gas cartridges.


  • Light and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport
  • Hard wear resistant, hard chrome coated barrel with mid carbon alloy that provides a long barrel life span
  • Picatinny rails on top and sides that allow various additiona I equipment
  • Ambidextrous safety slide
  • Telescopic stock that can be easily detached thanks to the lever at the top of the receiver
  • Capability of being carried or fired without telescopic stock in narrow places like the interior of armored vehicles
  • Quick load in gun loading both for right- or left-handed users
  • Being ready to fire thanks to the double-action trigger system
  • Sling can be attached on both the stock and receiver
  • Design that protects shooters from the gas emerging after firing the gun
  • Ease of targeting and shooting thanks to the foldable vertical grip located under the barrel


Assembly Groups

  1. Barrel Assembly
  2. Receiver Assembly
  3. Telescopic Stock
  4. Sight Assembly


Technical Specifications

  • Operation
    Release lever on the top of the receiver is depressed and barrel breaks open, and barrel is closed manually after loading/unloading. This gun has double-action trigger system that cocks the action automatically as the trigger is pulled. Safety is disengaged by sliding it down making the gun ready to fire
  • Caliber
    37/38 or 40 mm
  • Barrel Length
    305 mm / 340 mm
  • Barrel Profile
    Twisted 1/6" ratio
  • Total Length (Telescopic Stock Open)
    735 mm / 770 mm
  • Total Length (Telescopic Stock Closed)
    680 mm /715 mm
  • Weight (Unloaded)
    2200 gr / 2500 gr
  • Action
    Single Break Action
  • Trigger System
    Double-Action Trigger
  • Safety
    Ambidextrous Slide Safety
  • Sight System
    Low Position and 80/100/130 Meter Intervals
  • Shooting Mode
    Single Shot
  • Effective Range
    100 m
  • Trigger Pull Force
    45 Newton
  • Stock
    Detachable Telescopic
  • Shooting Velocity
    5-6 rounds/minute
  • Barrel And Receiver Material
    Barrel 4140 Steel, Receiver 7075 Aluminium
  • Type Of Ammunition
    37/38 or 40 mm gas cartridges
  • Sling
    NATO QD Tactical