AK-12UBS Under Barrel Shotgun


AK-12UBS is a smoothbore rifle with a pump-action system, designed to be used as an auxiliary weapon in infantry rifles with a 12 caliber pump under the rifle and Picatinny rail under the barrel. The rifle can also be used individually and can be used with the adjustable stock set supplied.


The AK-12UBS can use lethal (steel or lead pellet) or non-lethal (plastic) bullets, and is highly effective in social incidents and close-quarters combat due to the dispersion of the ammunition it uses and its mass accuracy.



  • Lightweight and ergonomic for ease of use and transportation
  • High abrasion resistant and long lasting steel barrel, chrome plated inside and outside
  • Possibility of using the infantry rifle as a smoothbore shotgun with telescopic stock in addition to its under-barrel feature
  • Use of lethal or non-lethal munitions depending on the incident being responded to
  • Possibility for personnel to continue fire pressure while the magazine of the infantry rifle is empty
  • More accurate shooting against drones and UAVs than infantry rifles thanks to pellet cartridges

Technical Specifications

  • Operation
    Pump Action
  • Caliber
    12 GA
  • Chamber
    70 mm
  • Magazine Capacity
  • Barrel Length
    22 cm (8.7")
  • Total Length (Stand-Alone Form - Telescopic Stock Open)
    760 mm (30")
  • Total Length (Stand-Alone Form - Telescopic Stock Closed)
    684 mm (27")
  • Total Length(Attached To An Infantry Rifle)
    409 mm (16")
  • Heigth
    228 mm (9")
  • Total Weight (Stand-Alone Form - Empty)
    3056 gr (6.73 lbs)
  • Total Weight (Attached To An Infantry Rifle- Empty)
    2068 gr (4.55 lbs)
  • Trigger Pull Force
    30 Newton
  • Type Of Ammunition
    12 ga lethal (SG, BB, Slugs etc.) or
    non-lethal (rubber, plastic)